Parish Ministries



St. Ignatius of Antioch is blessed with a large number of volunteer parishoners who practice their stewarship by participating in a variety of ministries and outreach programs. Many of our programs and ministries are described here. They are divided into sections entitled

        Liturgical Ministries

       Worship, Outreach and Social Ministries and Committees

        Affiliated Organizations.




Liturgy Committee



The Liturgy Committee is responsible for the planning of various liturgical seasons, rites, and rituals that are a part of the worship life of our community within the Roman Catholic tradition. It works in harmony with the coordinators of Music Ministry, Environment Committee, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Greeters, and Altar Servers. All those who have an interest in Liturgy are welcome and invited to join. Meetings are held monthly.


Art and Environment


The Art and Environment Committee consists of volunteer parishioners who have a love of the liturgy and create seasonal environments that complement our worship. The Committee works year round and meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. to do their planning. Much more than "decorating," the Art and Environment Committee is sensitive to the rhythm of our liturgical life and creates settings that enhance our prayer and give us an even deeper sense and feeling for what we are celebrating at any particular time of the liturgical year.


Acolytes and Altar Servers


Girls, boys and all adults who have received First Eucharist assist in the celebration of the liturgy. Adult Acolytes are members of the parish who serve as crucifer, torchbearers, and thurifer for major feasts, solemnities, and special liturgies. Training is required and is offered in advance of major days of celebration.


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist


All fully-initiated members of the parish are invited to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, assisting the Presider in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ. Training is required and provided after which scheduling is established.


Funeral Coordinators


Women and men are invited to assist the Presider in the celebration of the Funeral Liturgy. They prepare the church, often proclaim the scriptures and lead the General Intercessions, prepare the altar, assist with the distribution of Holy Communion, facilitate the use of incense in the Final Commendation and Farewell, and then clean the Church afterward. Training is required and provided.




All Fully-initiated members of the parish are invited to serve as Lectors for liturgy. Training is required and provided to assist each person to proclaim the scriptures.




Great music and liturgy are at the heart of the worship life at St. Ignatius of Antioch Church Community. The assembly is encouraged to take a "full, conscious, and active" part in both the spoken and sung portions of the Eucharistic Liturgy. Visitors often comment on the strong singing of the hymns and service music by our assembly.


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Sacristans are responsible for preparing everything that is necessary for the celebration of the liturgy: the vessels, the Roman Missal, the Lectionary, the Book of the Gospels, the Credence Table, and the Gifts of Bread and Wine. At the conclusion of the liturgy, the vessels are purified, washed, and everything is prepared for the next liturgy. The ministry of Sacristan is open to both women and men. Training is required and provided.


Ushers and Greeters


All members of the parish are invited to the ministry of Usher and Greeter. They welcome parishioners as they arrive for liturgy, assist with seating, taking up the collection, directing the Communion Procession, distributing the Sunday Bulletin, and assisting in emergencies. Training is provided.


Wedding Coordinator


The Wedding coordinator assists with the details of the wedding liturgy, is present for the wedding rehearsal, prepares the church for the liturgy, facilitates the procession, is available to oversee the details of the ceremony at the church, and then restores the church following the liturgy and the taking of photographs. The Wedding Coordinator is assigned to your wedding at the time the date is set with the Parish Office.




Bereavement Ministry


The members of our Bereavement Ministry reach out to support those who are going through the loss of a loved one. They are present at the time of the Vigil, the Funeral Liturgy, the Committal, and in the days of grief and loss that follow. Sympathy cards are sent as well as cards honoring the anniversary of death. If you are willing to help those in their time of grief or have questions about this ministry, please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


Church Cleaners


Each month, teams of volunteer parishioners take turns cleaning the sanctuary in preparation for our weekend liturgies. We begin at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and, within two hours, the church is ready for worship. Duties include dusting, polishing the woodwork, vacuuming the carpets, attending to the Reconciliation Chapel, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the glass inserts in the church doors, and anything else that is necessary to maintain our worship facility.


Divine Mercy Apostolate


This ministry coordinates and plans for the annual observance of "Divine Mercy Sunday," Novenas, participation in the Annual Conference, EADM Cenacle Formation and Evangelization through Divine Mercy. The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is prayed each day before the celebration of Daily Liturgies, Monday through Friday.


Family to Family Partnership


The Family to Family (F2F) Ministry provides budget and life skills advice to a family who may be struggling but who is highly motivated to change and transform their lives. The F2F team works with one family at a time for a period of from 12 to 18 months. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information about this outreach ministry.


Garden Ministry


St. Ignatius of Antioch provides weekly food donations to the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry located at Holy Rosary. The garden ministry was established to supplement these donations with fresh vegetable grown on the parish grounds. Select produce is also provided for some parish events. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


Pastoral Associate


Pastoral associates are members of the Pastorall Staff and work closely with other staff members and ministry leaders to ensure the pastoral, liturgical, and social needs of the parish and beyond are met. They are involved in many of the parish’s ministries. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information or to contact any one of the three current Pastoral Associates.


Pastoral Care Ministry


We are called to share ourselves by visiting those who are physically suffering in hospital, retirement homes or personal residences with our presence, prayers and Holy Communion to those who wish during times of illness in their lives. If you feel called to this ministry of presence, care, and prayer, please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


Prayer Chain


This ministry prays for the various needs and concerns of individuals both in and beyond the parish. When requesting prayer, it is not necessary to give detailed information. Members pray for an intention or for a person. The request is then passed to the next member of the chain. Contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


Public Relations


This ministry writes and submits news releases to local newspapers (Contra Costa Times, Antioch Press and The Catholic Voice) to publicize activities and newsworthy events occurring at St. Ignatius of Antioch. Occasionally articles are submitted to be included in the weekly bulletin and flyers or posters are prepared for distribution to surrounding parishes as needed to promote parish events.


Rosary Group


The Rosary is prayed daily before morning liturgy and the leadership is rotated among the members of the congregation who are present.


St. Martha's Guild


This ministry of hospitality, service and support is offered to grieving families who are celebrating the gift of life for a loved one. As St. Martha served Jesus and His disciples, we also wish to serve grieving families at the time of the death of a loved one by coordinating the reception in our parish hall following the Funeral Liturgy Celebrating the gift of faith with family and friends is an essential part of the healing process. It is our hope to accompany the grieving family during this time of loss. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information about this ministry.


St. Joseph the Worker


Our ministry, which supports Corazon, embraces the ideals of Habitat for Humanity and addresses the needs of our brothers and sisters who live in Tijuana, Mexico. Every year this ministry raises funds which are donated to Corazon. Corazon in turn uses these funds to take groups of builders to Tijuana and do a 24 hour build for one family. This ministry also donates school supplies, jackets, sweaters, and blankets. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


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Silver and Gold


This is a ministry for our Senior parishioners. The ministry includes an ongoing number of activities in 4 areas: educational, physical, theological and social. If you are 55+, consider joining this active group. It's a great way to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. In addition, it's good for the heart and good for the soul. Please contact the Parish Office at (925) 778-0768 for more information.


Social Events Committee


St. Ignatius of Antioch Social Events Committee is responsible for planning and creating social events for our community. The committee plans and hosts events that promote hospitality, fellowship and community in our parish. These events include among others Hot August Night Style, Football Fantasy, Beer 'n' Brats, and the Halloween Party. Their major projects include the annual St. Nicholas Dinner in December and the St. Joseph Festival Dinner in March. Membership is open to all parishioners.


Social Justice Outreach


Although the parish does not have a formal Social Justice Committee, St. Ignatius of Antioch participates in a number of justice and outreach projects including active support for St. Vincent de Paul, St Peter Martyr Catholic School, Family-to-Family Partnership, Mountain View House Family Shelter in Martinez, St. Joseph the Worker/Corazon Ministry, Contra Costa County Interfaith Council, Winter Nights emergency family shelter, Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (CCIH), Birthright of Brentwood, Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life.

Affiliated Organizations


Catholic Daughters of the Americas


Details coming.


Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)


CYO, through the vehicle of sports, provides youth with an opportunity to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities and to become friends with other children throughout the diocese. CYO activities should be examples of the meaning of Christian sportsmanship. (CYO Code of Conduct) The Oakland Diocese CYO is a church-sponsored athletic program for elementary and junior high age youth from the parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Oakland. CYO Sports are offered by the Church as a ministry to young people. For more information about the CYO program at St. Ignatius of Antioch, click the link below to view the CYO website.


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Guadalupana Society


Guadalupana Society Mission Statement: To promote the spiritual well-being of both men and women, of all nationalities and cultures, devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. This wonderful ministry organizes our parish's annual December 12th celebration of the first appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego.


Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal benefit society. Founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, the Knights provide financial aid to their members and their families. Today, the Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity. The St. Ignatius of Antioch Council 12587 was established in November, 1999. Since being organized and continuing until today, our Knights remain an active and vital member of our Catholic Christian community here at St. Ignatius of Antioch.


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Antioch Y.L.I. #101


The values of YLI are charity and love. Our organization strengthens our Catholic tradition and culture through shared spirituality, cherished friendship and service to our Church and communmity. Every womwen deserves to experience the sisterly love that YLI can bring to her life, all under the guidance of our Patron our Blessed Mother Mary.






The Parish Choir sings at the Sunday 10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist and rehearses on Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Choir members come from a wide range of choir experience but all make a significant contribution to our music-making. There are no auditions – all are welcome.




Cantors for each liturgy come from the Choir membership. Their responsibility is to help lead the assembly's song in the singing of hymns, service music, and psalmody. All cantors receive training and coaching in preparation for their assigned liturgy which is about once every six weeks.


Concert Series


The St. Ignatius of Antioch Concert Series is unique in the Contra Costa and East County area featuring musical artists from around the Bay Area. Concerts are one hour in length and designed for people of all ages. There are no tickets for the concerts, however, a Free-will offering is taken to help provide a modest stipend for the performing artist as well as to defray the costs of the receptions that follow each concert.


Rodger's 958 Trilllium Masterpiece Pipe/Digital Organ


St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish is one of only three churches in the Diocese of Oakland to have the Organ as the principle instrument for all liturgies. Thanks to the very generous gift by a parishioner, we are blessed with a three manual and pedal Rodger's 958 Trilllium Masterpiece Pipe/Digital Organ. There are 16 ranks of windblown premium pipes totaling 1, 196 pipes and 58 digital voices that enable the organist to enhance the music of either worship or concert with solo or ensemble voices and to perform music of any period or style.